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Education Committee 
Judge Patricia Macias, Education Committee
Chair, opens a 2011 meeting

The creation of the Education Committee in 2010 ultimately led to a new level of cross-system collaboration previously unseen in Texas. Led by judges, the Education Committee included the commissioners of Texas' state education and child welfare agencies, the directors of Texas CASA, Association of School Boards, and the Association of School Administrators, plus Casey Family Programs, a parent's attorney, a child's attorney ad litem, and a youth formerly in care.


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The work of the Education Committee resulted in over 100 education, child welfare, and court stakeholders, including CASA, coming together over an 18-month period to listen and learn from each other, discuss and debate the issues, and ultimately develop recommendations to improve educational outcomes of children and youth in foster care. The recommendations may be found in the Texas Blueprint: Transforming Education Outcomes for Children and Youth in Foster Care, presented to the Children's Commission in May 2012.

Order Creationg Education Committee

Preliminary Report of the Education Committee, December 2010

Logic Model

Interim Report of the Education Committee, August 2011

The Texas Blueprint

The Education Committee, as envisioned by the Supreme Court of Texas,was to be a short-term effort of less than two years. But, as part of its charge, the Court directed the Education Committee to develop a collaborative model to continue systemic improvement of educational outcomes after the submission of the Texas Blueprint. Texas moved the collaboration established by the Education Committee forward by developing a task force to prioritize the Blueprint recommendations and monitor the progress of implementation. The Education Committee and Texas Blueprint have given us great momentum and together we work tirelessly to keep it moving!

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