Weighted Caseload Study 

Late FY2015, the Children’s Commission approved a grant to the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) to design and execute a weighted caseload study. The NCSC is responsible for creating the tool to collect data, train judges on how to track and record their work, and provide a glossary to define all casetype events.
In June, the NCSC and OCA formed a Judicial Needs Assessment Committee (JNAC) to provide input and oversight for the project, and the JNAC met on July 7, 2015, to discuss court‐related and child welfare statistics, the types of hearings judges oversee, case administration duties such as docketing, data into CPCMS for those judges who use that system, travel as it relates to CPC judges, and other administrative tasks related to case management. In August, the NCSC and OCA developed a Glossary to define each hearing and case event, and created a category type for each hearing type and case event.
Also, in August, the NCSC made a presentation at the Annual Child Welfare Conference and recruited judicial participants for the caseload study. The time study dates are October 26 ‐ November 22. Twenty-eight judges will participate (19 non‐CPC courts, 9 from CPC courts). NCSC will train each participant judge, and the timestudy will occur over a four‐to‐six week period in October and November 2015. The Children’s Commission is represented on the JNAC and also assists OCA in providing meeting and travel support for the JNAC members.

In September 2016, NCSC issued Texas Child Protective Services Workload Assessment Final Report

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