Notice and Engagement 

The project involves using non-confidential case data to provide notice to parties and interested persons about upcoming hearings, and is distributed via email. The tool is only available for cases covered by CPC courts in the CPCMS application, and each participant must set up a user account within the Child Protection Case Management System (CPCMS) in use by those courts. Once a profile or user account has been created, the user can search for cases to which they are assigned or interested. The search will display a Summary of Upcoming Hearing Dates and a Summary of All Open Cases regardless of whether a hearing has been scheduled. The user has the option to receive notices 1, 3, 7, 14, and / or 30 days in advance of any hearing scheduled.

First, set up an account by linking here: Hearing Notification Registration

Next, follow the user guide to set up notifications: Instructions for Setting Up and Managing Hearing Notifications

Report from the December 3, 2010, Round Table on Notice and Engagement

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