Basic Projects

Tribal/State Collaborative 

The Tribal/State Collaborative Workgroup was developed to further educate judges and lawyers about the importance of the ICWA, including the context of historical trauma and tools to assist with practical application. The Children's Commission continues its collaboration with tribal nations and system stakeholders to promote the work, and holds monthly collaborative calls that have led to projects with an expert tribal judge, and Columbia Law School to better understand the Bureau of Indian Affairs Guidelines to the ICWA and traditional peacemaking principals that may be used in state court.

Effective September 1, 2015, Texas amended its Adversary, Status, and Permanency Hearing statutes to require judges to ask all parties present at each hearing whether the child or the child's family has any Native American heritage and identify any Native American tribe with which the child may be associated.

The Children's Commission is working to include tribal judges and attorneys in all relevant legal trainings. Six tribal judges attended the 2015 Annual Child Welfare Judges Conference for the first time and were honored at a reception held during the conference. The Commission also hosted a tribal\state meeting with DFPS and the social services representatives from each of the three federally-recognized tribes.

Round Table Report and Resources

Tribal/State Collaborative Round Table Report 2014
April 23, 2014 Meeting Notebook
ICWA Court Readiness & Implementation Tool (handout)
ICWA Performance & Measurement Tool (handout)

Additional Resources

Measuring Compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act: An Assessment Toolkit (handout)
Indian Child Welfare Act: Facts & Fiction, Version 2, Updated March 2014 (handout)
ICWA Presentation, Ron Jackson

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