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Parental Child Safety Placements (PCSP) 

When the Department initiates an investigation of a parent for abuse or neglect of a child and makes an initial determination that the child may not be safe with the parent, DFPS may allow the parent to place the child temporarily with a family member to help ensure the child’s safety while the agency completes the investigation or provides necessary family-based safety services to help prevent or eliminate the need to legally remove the child from the parent. To formalize the agreement, DFPS will often enter into a Parental Child Safety Placement, or PCSP. If the child and a parent move into or remain the same household, it is not a PCSP arrangement.

On August 28, 2015, the Children’s Commission convened over 60 child welfare partners to discuss the recent Department improvements to the PCSP process, assessment, evaluation, training, and policy. The Round Table participants also discussed challenges the Department and others have yet to address, and what additional practice, policy or legislative changes might be in order to more specifically address the appropriate use of PCSPs, the options available to DFPS when it must close its case and exit the PCSP arrangement, and the services and supports available to families during and after a PCSP.

Parental Child Safety Placements Round Table Report, December 2015

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Parental Child Safety Placements Presentation by Judge Scott McCown
Reducing Risk in Parental Child Safety Placements, Department of Family and Protective Safety

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